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Stuebner Airline Veterinary Hospital

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Our Team

Our Veterinarians

Our Technicians

They are the hands and feet of the doctors. This team is dedicated to their field in taking care of our patients as one of their own. They are always checking on the patients, taking vitals, medicating, administrating fluids, blood products, being a dental hygienist, lab techs, taking radiographs, assisting in surgery, filling medications request, taking a history of patients, answering questions from clients, ordering drugs, ordering diets and so much more.

Each and every one of our technicians plays a vital role in the care of your pet. When you are visiting our hospital you will be amazed at their contagious smiles and the joy you see in their eyes as they greet you and your fur family member. Take a little time to let them know you appreciate the care they give your pet.

Client Care Representative

These women are so welcoming to our clients when they enter the hospital. Each one of them is like our extended family members. They are answering over 500 phone calls per day and getting the calls to the doctors, techs, or office managers. They receive all of the medical records that we have coming in from other veterinary offices. They are accountants handling all of the monetary transactions and balancing the day's report.

It is amazing to walk into the lobby and hear them greeting the clients by name and knowing the pets' names without looking at the computer. They take pride in treating you and your pet as one of their own.

Please take time to let them know how much you appreciate them as you come and visit our hospital. The doctors at Stuebner Airline Veterinary hospital have always said that the staff is the heartbeat of the practice and we are extremely proud of our entire staff.

Our Practice Administration

Our Hospital Assistants

We have the most caring assistants that a veterinary hospital could ask for. These young men and women are always checking on our patients and helping the technical staff by being their eyes, ears, feet, and hands. This hospital is extremely appreciative of their compassion and dedication to our patients. They work tirelessly to have everything stocked and ready for the next day and take pride in their work. When you come to our hospital and notice one of these fine individuals please let them know how wonderful they are.

Boarding and Grooming

Honorary Helpers