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Jackie with a Husky on a bridge


Animals, of all kinds, have always been my passion. I have an Associate's of Science and have been working at Stuebner Airline Veterinary Hospital as an on-the-job trained veterinary assistant for four years.

Previously, I've volunteered to work with Texas Wildlife Rehabilitation Coalition (TWRC), and I’ve participated with trap and release (TNR) control programs for several feral cat colonies. Additionally, I’ve worked as an assistant for the care and showing of purebred Norwegian Forest cats and volunteered with Houston Poodle Rescue, bathing and grooming dogs for their future adoptions.

Working on the medical side of animal care at the next level as a medical technician has been a natural progression for me.

I enjoy occasional travels with my boyfriend, Will, and we share our home with two lab mixes, a Siberian husky, and a couple of sweet, elderly cats. We keep busy working on our new house and yard, and spending time with family.